Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tupperware develops kitchen iPad holder

Just thought I'd share the latest kitchen gadget - a Tupperware Fridgesmart "long" container holds an iPad really nicely when you are referring to a recipe.

Thomas made a Narwhal

And he didn't even have to, he's just awesome like that.

Yes, we do keep a supply of googly eyes in the house at all times for just such porpoises.

Monday, 5 September 2011

I made a card!

There ya go, threw every technique I know at it. I had fun. Used it to justify buying a few more Copic markers.

Creative Weekend part 2 - a comic!

Thomas and I did a comic - I did the first three frames, he finished it. Now, I thought this was going to be a comic about "Brontus the crime fighting Brontosaurus" (which locally makes sense). But it turned out to be about Bronty. Who got shot. Ah violence.

Creative weekend!

Well, it was Trash and Treasure at the scout hall. $3 bought me a bag of goodies, including some bulldog clips, a working fountain pen with ink, three excellent artists pencils, and some ratty old crayons. Which I recycled into pretty new crayons! A fun project, but a little messy, might not do that one again...

Oh, and a creepy giraffe toy with removable head. Hmmm.