Sunday, 21 March 2010

Oh, Tuna!

Thomas came home from his first clarinet lesson, and told me the book he needed. He was very specific about the title: "A Tune A Day". Not "New A Tune A Day". I bought the book he needed, and presented it to him.

Later Jonathan came home from his first trumpet lesson. He can't remember the title of the book he needs, but it has "Trumpet" in it, and there's a trumpet on the front cover. That'll narrow it down.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I think this is yer problem...

... yer gutter's not really connected to yer house, lady! After the huge hailstorm, the side gutter of the house fell off. Well, it wasn't unaided - Jeff decided it was looking wonky, and tried to tie it up as a temporary measure until we can get it fixed. I helpfully moved the pot plants under it, and as I did - GUSH! The gutter tipped over and flooded me!

Here's our early fix - a broom holding the gutter up. NB - This doesn't work.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

I was just out in a Melbourne Hail Storm!

This is the hail storm I was sheltering from in Mount Waverley just now. The hail was really golf ball sized - it dented my car a little!

Jonathan was having a swim just minutes before, and it looked like a good idea to follow him in. I had been thinking of riding my bike to the uniform shop, but Jeff told me it was very steep out that way.

We also looked at the weather radar just before, and decided there was a good chance of "some" rain.

By the time I got to the shop it was as dark as night, and then they started throwing rocks at us!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

More Lego fun

Hello? Hello! Darn, can't hear a thing on this new phone.

Some Lego does seem to have a teensy scale problem, but those minfigs and their accessories are so darn'd cute, we have to have them all.

It's a Lego bird! It's a Lego plane!

Nope, it's SUPERFIG! That's the SUPER version of Minifig, which is the proper name for those cool little Lego people we all like so much.

Jonathan made Superfig. We were impressed.

He does have a cape. And his undies ARE on the outside.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Another maze day

Since I've gone back to work almost-full-time, we've felt the need to do great stuff on the weekends, to amuse the kids, and bond with them. They are all "meh" about that, but we are like "yay".

This weekend we hit a new maze - well, new to us. The Enchanted Garden at Arthurs Seat is just fab, a very beautiful visit.

This is a childminding method I wish I'd known about a decade ago...

Catriona is hiding in this picture. She's uncool enough to enjoy a day at the maze, but way too cool to pose for my photos.

And here's the maze of the moment - just for a few months, there is a Maize Maze - yes, a maze in corn! The design is very elaborate, and it's different every year. Such a good one!

Into the Pickle Jar

Lucky me, I got flowers this week. From my stamp club ladies. Read more about that here. They are gorgeous, and totally worth looking at for a long time!

Well, Cathy (the organiser of the gift) urged me to find a great vase for them. They arrived in a nice gift box, but she thought I could do better.

So, at the Trash and Treasure market this weekend, I hunted down a great jar - a pickle jar! It says on the jar it is the property of Leggo's, and only to be used for their jams, pickles and sauces, so don't dob me in, OK? It's pretty old, so we may be alright.

And here are some more looks at my awesome flowers...

Rosebud by Lizzie...

Cathy's lily no longer in danger of toppling over (she'll be relieved). Pink crepe paper flowers by Pat, and you can see Maria's map flowers, and Louise's purple Fantasy Film ones, and Margaret's hydrangeas.