Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Another maze day

Since I've gone back to work almost-full-time, we've felt the need to do great stuff on the weekends, to amuse the kids, and bond with them. They are all "meh" about that, but we are like "yay".

This weekend we hit a new maze - well, new to us. The Enchanted Garden at Arthurs Seat is just fab, a very beautiful visit.

This is a childminding method I wish I'd known about a decade ago...

Catriona is hiding in this picture. She's uncool enough to enjoy a day at the maze, but way too cool to pose for my photos.

And here's the maze of the moment - just for a few months, there is a Maize Maze - yes, a maze in corn! The design is very elaborate, and it's different every year. Such a good one!

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