Sunday, 25 December 2016

Here's Amanda

Here's Russell

Here's Stuart

Playing cards

You know when you get a deck of cards in a Christmas cracker? That's cool.

Here's Thomas

Tossing horseshoes - now that is a good game!

Xanthe and Catriona

Here's Jonathan

Catriona's gift

Catriona starts training as a doctor next month. Tegan and Todd's gift is very appropriate!

Here's Tegan and Todd

They are getting married in Canada next New Year's Eve.

Here's Mitchell

Are you loving the bow? He was loving the bow.

Here's Connor

All the (Aussie) Laing grandchildren

Ron made all the kids line up in age order.

So, that's Tegan, Catriona, Connor, Jonathan, Thomas, Mitchell, Xanthe, Jessamy and James.

Merry Christmas from Perth

Yesterday (Christmas eve) we had a family barbecue by the river.

We had:
Nana and Pop
Jeff, me, and our kids
Stuart and his kids
Russell with Amanda, and his kids
Tegan with fiancé Todd

And I've tried for photos of everyone. So here goes...

Here's Ron and Elaine (Pop and Nana) enjoying the very convenient seating provided by Russell and Amanda.

In the background, Mitchell and Thomas. Thomas is doing a Rubik's cube. Of course.