Sunday, 22 January 2012

Not the face!

A little Lego art from the top of my computer screen at work. The artist has painted the soldier green, and wants to finish the job.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lego minifigs series six in Australia at last!

Here they are at Target at Forest Hill.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Watch out, aliens have invaded!

I made some UFO cupcakes, complete with gummy bear pilots. I do believe the kids are getting a bit old for this, but who wouldn't say yes to a cake with lollies on top?

In other news, sprinkles come in gold and silver now!

Happy belated new year!

Here's the fireworks from Perth on New Years Day. Yay! Yay for a camera that takes cool shots like this.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Perth made macarons

Yes, I can do it in Perth too! Of course, I used a packet mix (Donna Hay has a good one). I followed the instructions IGzactly, and got pretty good results. Not much worse than usual. Donna, the chocolate ganache needs a little more cream, and a longer standing time might help, but apart from that, nice work!

And for extra points, please admire the plate these treats are displayed on. It's hand painted by Jeff's mum Elaine!

For big words

I found this giant Websters dictionary in an op shop in Perth. Can I buy it Jeff?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Where Michelle should go on holiday in Paris

Here's some notes for Michelle, who's soon to be visiting Paris, as well as other European hot spots, with husband and kids. She's an artist, as well as an engineer, and they want to find plenty of attractions that will satisfy the kids as well as the grow ups.

Meanwhile, I'm on holidays, and have time to look over my last Paris photos. Here's my notes on what an artistically inclined mum might like to see in Paris.

- Climb up Notre Dame catherdral to visit the rooftop and gargoyles. Do this first thing, it's very crowded later. Then feed the sparrows outside the cathedral.
- Go to Galeries Lafayette (the department store) to see the dome from the inside. Visit the toy department for fabulous Lego and Playmobil displays.
- Go to Printemps, the other department store, and travel up to the rooftop terrace for a great view. There's a cafe there (big and not posh, the kind of place office workers get lunch)
- Go to the zoo at the Jardin de Luxemburg - the are armadillos and flamingos!
- Buy some butter (the kind with salt crystals in it) at a supermarket, and some good bread, and eat it in your hotel or a park.
- Marche Aligre is a trash and treasure market, at least on some days (better check the days), and the rest of the time there's excellent things to eat. There's a park nearby for loo breaks, playground and drinking water, and eating the fruit you just bought. And there's free wifi in the park. And a splendid pastry shop called Sucre Ble just off the park has a fabulous sugar sculpture on display.
- I'd pass on the flea markets (gasp! And you know I love markets - I had a way better time at Aligre, and it's an easier visit)
- Go to the Pompidou art museum, and enjoy the buskers in the square at the front. Great gift shop too.
- There's a toy shop called Joue Club in an arcade. Each shop in the arcade is a department of the shop. One shop is all Lego!
- there's an awesome sculpture of a huge head at the front of St Eustache church - you'll get to use that great line "What's that in the road? A head?". Kids climb on the sculpture. It's near an amazing haberdashery shop called La Drougerie.
-Sainte Chapelle is one really amazing tourist attraction to see. Read up about it first, so you can tell the kids that THIS is what the king insisted on for his private chapel.
- walk up the steps to Montmartre, and enjoy the fabulous graffiti and yarn bombing along the way. Take in the view from Sacre Couer. Don't go in - there's a priest who spends his whole day telling people to shush, and it's too sad. Watch out for all kinds of cons and scams, and don't donate to the "deaf" girls!
- down the hill from Montmartre you will find the fabric district. Brilliant!
- take the metro out to La Defense to see the modern arch. Some cool modern public art, including a giant thumb. Places to run. A huge Toys r Us, which is worth seeing. Best Lego display ever! Then hurry back to real Paris.
- take the RER to Versailles, and you don't really need to pay to go into the palace. You can go into the gardens the back way - its free on non-fountain running days. AND stroll around Versailles the town. We saw some of the best baking there. Do go into the palace if you want to - its awesome, but allow heaps of time, and it's so crowded.
- take the RER to St Germaine en Laye - a smaller town not far away. Go on market day. There's a huge bookshop called Univers de Livre (I think). Art supplies upstairs.
- teach the kids to order their own Pain au Chocolat - quite cheap and delish.
- Order hot chocolate anywhere. Its honestly not that good everywhere, but the kids will love it. Go to Angelina's for a real treat, but maybe save that for another visit.
- Take photos of movie posters
- Take photos of interesting door handles
- order crepes with nutella or with cheese

ME swimming in the harbour

And I got to have a good swim too. Catriona even agreed to take a photo of me!

Yes swimming in the boat harbour

We've visited Hillary's boat harbour for the second day in a row - this time prepared for swimming. This is why we were determined to go back - there's a floating platform in the harbour, with steps and a slide! Kids can freely climb up and slide in (on the other side they are jumping in too). There's life savers nearby, but basically it's just an unregulated activity, and it was running really smoothly all day! Good long swim to get to the slide too.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

No swimming on the boardwalk

... in the water, though, sure.

A Perth maze!

At The Maze in Bullsbrook, Thomas meets a peacock!

Happy new year!

From the sparkler-mad Laings! Best of luck, health and happiness for 2012.