Friday, 31 August 2012

Check me out, I'm a scout!

For Whitehorse Showtime (the scouts show Catriona is in), I'm helping a bit. My days are pretty busy, but I'm baking on my days off, so all those hungry scouts can have snacks during their long rehearsals and performances. There are a bunch of others cooking too, of course.

Last night they thanked me, by presenting me with the official Showtime Scarf! I couldn't be more pleased!

And Catriona reminds me, it takes more than that to be a scout, I'm just a scout helper!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

My day out at Paperific - an early review!

Well, Paperific (the best papercraft show in town) starts tomorrow, and I plan to go. I always like to write a little report too, to share the fun. See, here's an earlier one.

Problem is, I'm generally pretty tired in the evening. So this show, I thought I'd do the report BEFORE going. You with me? Let's go craft show shopping!

Some of the details I won't be sure of, so I'll mark alternatives in brackets like {this}.

Well, I tried a different mode of transport this time, and it turned out great! The {car, tram, train} ride was most pleasant, and I got to listen to music all the way. I {found a park easily, didn't have to park} and breezed in.

The ladies at the front counter were gorgeous as usual, and gave me a {lolly, smile, hug}.

I saw Naomi inside (she runs the show, you know) and she was wearing {a smart dress, her pajamas, bunny ears}. She looked on top of it all, and hurried off to make sure everyone had enough {lighting, change, coffee}.

I saw a new vendor, selling awesome stuff I'd never seen before. I just had to get {one, some, the whole set}!

I saw some old favourite vendors with even more of that great stuff I like. I thought about it for a bit, and bought {a punch, a die, a template} and I might even go back for more.

Saw a heap of cool stamps, and chose one with {a bird, a flower} that would look great coloured with {pencils, paints}.

Boy did I get tired! I went to the cafe for a break, and had a {coffee, really big coffee} and met {some mad scrapbookers, some stampers I knew, someone I'd swapped emails with}.

After a few hours it was time to go home, but I made sure I {took some photos, got a new book, had another look at markers} first.

What a great show! See ya next time!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Did you see my muesli bar?

If you are a liker of muesli bars (and I can think of about 12, no 13, people right now that are), try this recipe. I've written it out all nice for you, on a blog of its own (because that lets me break it up into pages with photos and notes).

This <--- is the scrummy bar you will be making. It's made with rice malt syrup, so it's super low in normal sugar. I'm not on any special diet, but I love this recipe because it lets you taste the yummy ingredients you put in, not just sugar!

CLICK HERE to see the recipe. Pardon my caps. There's no ads there, don't worry. Do pass it on to other muesli bar likers. And let me know how it goes for you!

By the way, the recipe shows you how to use the Tupperware T-Bar set too (a muesli bar making kit). Which is optional. But I bought it, and I wanted to get the best out of it.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Chris won an iPad!!!

We're at a trivia night, and Chris has just won an iPad! She wanted it so much too!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Oh no, my tea pot's broken!

If you know me, you'll know how much I rely on my teapot to keep me sane.

When things get stressful out in the world, I always want to go-home-have-a-cup-of-tea. That's one word.

My pretty little teapot (bought from Robert Gordon out in Pakenham, an awesome place because you can paint your own stuff there!) lost a substantial chip from the inside rim. It was substantial because it landed in my finger when I was rinsing the pot out! I had to call Catriona (who aspires to study medicine one day) to bandage it up. Now the pot is to sharp and dangerous to use. I've already broken the lid and substituted a non-matching one, so I guess it's time.

Here's a picture of the old pot in its heydey.

So I'm looking for a new teapot. I have a temporary one, bought from the op shop near work (a good place to get stuff with some character, and also donate a few buck to charity). But the temporary one has a bad case of drip-all-over-the-counter, so it's not going to stay. May have to give it to Lizzie for her ornamental collection.

The new pot has to be small, has to be gorgeous, has to keep the tea hot, has to pour really well, and has to be gorgeous. So I'm looking.