Friday, 29 March 2013

Awesome bird feeding!

Another pic from my bike ride. The householder here has put out some top quality bird feeders, and look at the fabulous results!

Have you lost a guinea pig?

I saw this little guy in the wilds by the Eastlink bike trail. He wasn't near any houses, so I wasn't sure if I could help him get home. So if you've lost a guinea pig somewhere between the big bird sculpture and Princes highway, she/he is alive and well, and looking for you!

My Good Friday bike adventure

As another Easter treat, when we had finished our outing to Frankston, I got Jeff to drop me with my bike at the start of the Eastlink trail. Well, probably not the actual start, but near the big bird, and about 25 km by bike from home. It was a fabulous trip! I took ages, because I had to stop and enjoy stuff so often.

There was a small car show - well, that's not really my thing, but they had attracted a service club running a sausage sizzle. Also not my thing... But on closer inspection, they were making Vegie burgers too! So I called over the fence to the cook, who made me a terrific burger.

Then there I collected some fruit from trees overhanging the trail - figs and quinces. Heaps of figs out there, but mostly not ripe yet. You lucky people with fig trees, I hope you are loving them!

Memento mori

Remember you are mortal, and made of sand...

One of the creepy details at the sand sculpting this year.

Mechanical fish submarine

Also seen at Frankston. Cool, huh?

You still have time to see the sand sculptures in Frankston!

As an Easter treat, we took the kids to Frankston to see the sand sculpting exhibition. Yes, hard to get teens enthused, but they came quietly, and that's all you can ask. Turned out to be a delightful exhibition! The theme this year is "Under the Sea", and the artists involved are clearly pushing the boundaries of what they can do in a family show. Some of the sculptures were downright creepy!

There's an Easter egg hunt all Easter too, with a big prize to be won, and a little bag of Easter eggs for every player ( even grown ups) so that was extra fun.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

You'd probably have to be in the industry...

The people at work were admiring this photo I took on the weekend. Manju said it was beautiful. Jeff (not my Jeff, a different one) said he takes photos like it all the time. In fact their response was so positive, I thought I'd share it with the world.

Obviously, it's only funny with the funny quip I made when I sent it around, but you'd have to understand our whole product range to really get it. So I'll just let you enjoy the photo.

Ho ho ho, still makes me chuckle.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Girls lunch - we have sushi!

Lunch with the girls - what a nice tradition! Veronica was able to come for the first time (as the one and only receptionist, she has to ensure the phones are womanned at all times). We went to Pabu in Smith St for sushi (Veronica's first sushi too, I believe!)


I grow mustard and cress

Jonathan surprised me with a request for carrot seeds the other day. His science class were doing a project, and that was what he had to bring. We zoomed to Bunnings and picked some nice ones. I bought a packet of cress seeds too, because I decided to be like Milly Molly Mandy and grow mustard and cress!

Here's the cress growing prettily in old teacups and a bonsai pot.

Where am I going to get mustard seeds from? Oh, wait, the spice rack. These ones grew nicely in a small pot.

And here's my harvested mustard-and-cress, served on a slice of fresh bread with goats cheese.

And just when I was enjoying this nostalgic, they-don't-do-quaint-things-like-that-any-more treat, I realised I was eating .... MICROHERBS!

Kitchenaid Birthday card for Elaine

Jeff decided his Mum needed a new mixer - a good one. She is a terrific cook, so it's quite justified. We arranged for her to get a beautiful Kitchenaid mixer (we have one, so we know it's a lovely thing). She was able to collect, and choose the colour of it, at Kitchen Warehouse, a terrific big kitchen shop that happens to be her local.

The folks at Kitchen Warehouse were all over the plan, and happily issued a voucher for the exact amount, to be kept at the counter. All we had to do was tell her to wander by.

Jeff asked me to make a card (that IS my department, after all), and this is what I made. Go have a squiz at this to see how super-accurate my card was!

With lots of colours to choose from, she picked the brand new silver model. Turned out the one she was looking at was the only one in the shop. They offered her the "display" model - it had been on display for about a day, and never plugged in - and threw in a cookbook too.

So Happy Birthday Elaine, and we look forward to good things to eat this Christmas as always!