Sunday, 27 June 2010

Leafy Green News

1. This morning I got a lovely bunch of silverbeet at the market.

2. Then I baked it all into an awesome bread.

3. Jeff and I had brunch in a cafe, and a neighbouring diner ordered Eggs Florentine. With Vegemite. That is so Aussie, I was proud!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hello Julia!

Well, I did it for Kevin, so I have to do it for Julia.

Thought you might enjoy Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Lego form... still looking for a suitable woman's top though!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

An Alphabet and a whole lot of Windows

Crafty friends know how keen I am on alphabets in craft - stamp sets, mostly, but since I've got a die-cutting machine, alphabet dies are pretty interesting too.

I bought a second hand die set to play with - they cut out and emboss rather small letters. Hmm, let's see now, these are quite smart. I put my name on my notebook for work (so there's that purchase ticked off as "used properly").

So, now that I've cut out my letters, I suppose all there is left to do is throw away this rubbish...

WAIT A MINUTE! Those letters got punched out, nine at a time, leaving a funky little set of wonky windows! Get that rubbish back out of the bin!

I scrambled through my "tiny" collage collection for little scraps to pop in the windows. These little windows are less than 1cm across. What a great double use die set!

Sunny Sunflowers

Ah, old stamp sets ... I scored another rather old set again just recently - this time we have Sunflowers (the last one was Morning Glory). I sat down to do some stamping on the weekend...

...was disappointed by my first results ...

...went and looked at some other examples on the internet...

...tackled the project again...

and came out really happy!

Here's what I made:

I've used the big sunflower stamp (each piece of the flower is in two parts, hence the two colours). I've also used masking to get a texty background, and "spattered" it with a texture stamp. I'm rather fond of it!

Now, what's that oval shaped decoration at the bottom - it's a bit plain, isn't it? Shouldn't it say "Hi There" or something?

Well, I'm covering up Something New that I got my hands on (legally!) at the Stampin' Up convention. I get to play with my Something News for a while before I'm allowed to show them off. So there!