Sunday, 22 March 2015

A creative letter box in Melbourne

I saw this on a bike ride recently. It's a computer casing. Specifically, an Apple Powermac G4 Quicksilver, from 2002. Now doing a good job of keeping the mail safe.

Friday, 20 March 2015

All the news about Picture to Page at Bendigo

Last weekend, Michelle ran her first craft show. She bought the business a while back, and has been gradually taking over. The big event was Picture to Page, out in Bendigo, and I was lucky enough to be on the team.

Here's Michelle (kneeling) doing a little last minute preparation the night before. Her sister Tanya (on the couch) is also a show helper. That folder contains floor plans, power plans, evacuation plans, incident handling plans... You can tell the show is in good hands.

Here's our venue - a beautiful hall at Kangaroo Flat Primary School. Those coloured panels are acoustic linings, approved by the music teacher. The show started on Saturday morning, but setup happens as soon as school finishes on Friday.

Tiny concern as one trader starts walking in wooden pallets! Turns out though, Mr Close to My Heart is a builder, and takes no more than one hour to turn their square of floor space into a gorgeous shop with shelves and everything! Michelle inspects the structure and approves of his sturdy techniques.

Well before bed time, here's the hall looking gorgeous. Traders arrive at different times (almost everyone comes from Melbourne, so that's understandable). We have pizza from a local place, Sally's. It was yummy. I discover Greta doesn't like olives. I get Greta's olives.

Greta and Tanya made sure the banner was hanging just so.

It's Saturday morning! At the hall at 7am, ready to help with last minute setup.

Show's started! Tanya runs the Mixed Media Art stall, and demonstrates those pretty Gelatos.

Greta demonstrates Gelli Plates with paint and stencils. I have a go on demonstrating this too at various times.

Cathy from Bellbird Papercrafts keeps the crowd entertained. Hot news - she is in a new shop in Melbourne, see her web site for the details. It's pretty, and it's right next door to an exceptional baker, The Honey Thief, too. So there's a day out for you right there. This is my blog, I can plug whatever I want!

Now why was I surprised by this? The Society of Folk and Decorative Arts people were exhibiting, and despite being steeped in traditional folk painting techniques, they were dazzling the crowd with an exciting Journal making class. They told me they love mixed media, but also, whenever they run an old-fashioned painting class, they get plenty of interest. Their mission is to get everyone painting. Yay!

Lesley from Little Bits - I have learned, if I didn't know it already, that Lesley is a MACHINE! Powered only by Minties and coffee, she had smiles, glitter and patience for everyone both days.

Pretty stencil we were selling - yep, these sold out.

Pretty bird stamps we were selling - I got one of these!

And what was the secret to our success? Cake, of course. Shirley took control of catering and kept stall holders and attendees happy with good coffee and great cake both days.

Fun show, folks. Next one is Pakenham 23 and 24 May. See you there!