Monday, 20 July 2015

Brrr, it's cool in Melbourne

This was the scene when we parked the car in Collingwood this morning. Frosty frozen leaves, and an icy path going past the station. It warmed up later. I'm using this photo as my desktop at work, though!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Secret Bunky

We're getting our bathroom renovated - yeah, I know, super exciting to you. But, here's a fun thing. On the wall where the mirror will go, the builders have marked up measurements. And drawn a funny face. I like that. So when the mirror is installed, we'll know that the goofy face is still there.
Here he is.

So I thought, I could add something! And it would stay there too! And it would be FUNNY!

So I added Bunky the Art Sparrow.
Here's the scene in the bathroom Before Mirror.
So in years to come, when I wonder why I feel like I'm being watched, this will be the answer.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Baking showdown!

Cruffin vs Scoll - who will win? That's the question on everyone's lips.

Actually, the question is really "can I have one of those?".

Jeff challenged me to try making "cruffins" - croissant dough turned into a muffin shape.

Well, croissant dough is fun to make, so I had a go. And to compare, I made some muffin style treats, and some scroll style treats. All filled with creme patisserie (that's fancy custard) and milk chocolate chip - tiny ones.

First up we have : the cruffin! Nicely shaped, well baked, and inclined to rise out of he pan where possible.

Verdict - very nice indeed. Crusty top, slightly doughy inside, they layers are visible.

Next up : the scroll! Exactly the same when uncooked, but baked on a flat tray instead of a muffin tin. Wider and flatter.
Verdict : nice crunch to the outsides. And there are a lot of outsides. Layers are more visible. More irregular looks, but I've trained my family to prefer that anyway.

Overall, scrolls win!

Trash and Treasure goodies

Yesterday's scout hall Trash and Treasure was fun as ever. Here's some of the goodies:
So that's a real Portmeirion dish (I think it's a mini casserole dish, missing its lid), an Australia stencil like we used in primary school (it says "note, Tasmania to be drawn freehand"), and an old medicine bottle. Cool stuff!

A lovely little walk

I have an app on my phone, that I use sometimes to track my exercise. It works for walking and biking - it tells me how fast I'm going, and keeps a handy map of where I went. That's nice when I find a pretty tree, and want to go back to it.

But sometimes I forget its on, and it runs for hours. It often collects hours of me sitting at my desk at work - that's a bit boring.

On Friday I mapped a walk around the block before dinner (and forgot to turn it off). The next twelve or so hours were disappointing, exercise-wise. But on Saturday morning, I got up early to go to a Trash and Treasure sale at the scout hall. And the whole trip got captured!

Here's me "walking" - actually driving - to the scout hall.

Here's me parking the car, walking away, walking back later, and finally driving away.

And here's me walking around inside the scout hall.

See, you don't get workouts like that when you just go from A to B!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bird spotting in the inner suburbs

Jeff and I have seen two birds feeding on the ground in Collingwood. We've seen then a few times, so it looks like they were not just passing through. The nice thing is, they've found a grassy home, right by the extremely busy Hoddle Street. Hoddle Street is so big, we take our learner driver kids there when they are ready to learn about big multi lane roads. There's a vet there. I think that's what has attracted them.
Here's my photo:
I know, awesome shot, right? 
I took is with a camera phone, zoomed in the most it can, so I can't complain. The picture was good enough for me to identify it as a Red Rumped Parrot, a fairly common bird, but not one we get around our house (we're Rainbow Lorikeets folks).
Here's a way better shot of some of these guys, from Toby Hudson (I found it on Wikimedia Commons).

Citrus season again, folks!

So you know what THAT means ... Eat oranges every way you can. They are cheap and plentiful in Melbourne. I figure were helping the growers if we really nosh in. Orange cake is good! This one has lime icing too.