Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bird spotting in the inner suburbs

Jeff and I have seen two birds feeding on the ground in Collingwood. We've seen then a few times, so it looks like they were not just passing through. The nice thing is, they've found a grassy home, right by the extremely busy Hoddle Street. Hoddle Street is so big, we take our learner driver kids there when they are ready to learn about big multi lane roads. There's a vet there. I think that's what has attracted them.
Here's my photo:
I know, awesome shot, right? 
I took is with a camera phone, zoomed in the most it can, so I can't complain. The picture was good enough for me to identify it as a Red Rumped Parrot, a fairly common bird, but not one we get around our house (we're Rainbow Lorikeets folks).
Here's a way better shot of some of these guys, from Toby Hudson (I found it on Wikimedia Commons).

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