Sunday, 12 July 2015

A lovely little walk

I have an app on my phone, that I use sometimes to track my exercise. It works for walking and biking - it tells me how fast I'm going, and keeps a handy map of where I went. That's nice when I find a pretty tree, and want to go back to it.

But sometimes I forget its on, and it runs for hours. It often collects hours of me sitting at my desk at work - that's a bit boring.

On Friday I mapped a walk around the block before dinner (and forgot to turn it off). The next twelve or so hours were disappointing, exercise-wise. But on Saturday morning, I got up early to go to a Trash and Treasure sale at the scout hall. And the whole trip got captured!

Here's me "walking" - actually driving - to the scout hall.

Here's me parking the car, walking away, walking back later, and finally driving away.

And here's me walking around inside the scout hall.

See, you don't get workouts like that when you just go from A to B!

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