Sunday, 26 April 2015

Triffid getting quite big

And there is an army of little ones following.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Art lesson, part 2

If you remember back to the previous art lesson, we had done some cute stuff with stamping, including overstamping an image with a pattern.

Let's see what we can do with the image now

So, we've now cut out the face with overstamped text, and added an interesting background. This is looking rather nice.

What about the other face? The one with the ornate image stamped over it, that was so differently interesting? We've used a Gelli Plate to add a mono print right over the image! The pale patch near her eyebrow was where a scrap of paper got stuck in the paint. Totally by design. This project just gets better and better. I think I'll call her "evil twin".

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Today's art lesson

Hello. Welcome to today's art lesson. I've been playing with my stamps and markers, and I don't see why you should get away without being subjected to it.

First, we stamp and colour a pretty stamp. Here I have stamped with light grey, then coloured, then overstamped with black. See how I've got the black to not quite cover the grey? That is totally what I meant to do.

Next, let's dress it up, by over-stamping the whole thing with a faint impression of an interesting, big stamp.

Yes, this newsprint stamp is quite nice, but maybe a prettier stamp will be even better!


I mean, hmm, this look is so interestingly different. I like how she has a moustache now. 
I think that's enough art lesson for one day.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Fabulous sourdough Apple scrolls!

If you live or work near Bridge Road Richmond, you'd better check out Richmond Sourdough. They have gorgeous bread and pastries daily, all sourdough. Yes, sourdough croissants, and sourdough scrolls!

There's a table in the window with one of everything on display. I saw it riding past, and screeched to a stop.

The croissants have a great crust.

Here's what you're looking for...

And here we learn they are open daily.

I went in today with a $50 note and no change, and the baker did me a huge favour on the bill. So, until I pay him back, I'd better disclose that this is a sponsored post. That apple scroll was awesome.

Workers' treat

A hard day's work earns you a delicious gelato. Here we are at Gelato Messina enjoying a fabulous cone each.

Triffid fruit getting ready to identify

Who can help identify this - a pumpkin, or a squash? Just want to get my recipe ready. It's growing fast.

The Birds

I biked to work this morning, so I set out really early. Nearly didn't make it out, though. These thug birds were ALL OVER the silver birch tree. They are sulphur crested cockatoos. They've started coming because we put out seed for the smaller parrots.
It was all a bit Hitchcockian. To add to the atmosphere, I swear one of them was repeatedly saying "Hello?"

And at the end of the day, this was all that was left.

The IT guys

We invited Jonathan (left) and Thomas to spend three days on work experience at our office. They had work shirts and everything.

Monday, 6 April 2015

The things we learn about triffids...

The triffid fruit is growing visibly...

And I learn that triffid plants (and pumpkins too) have both male and female flowers. This is clearly a female. That explains this...
... A generous lot of flowers with no fruit. These are the male flowers. Plenty of bees around, so I can let them sort themselves out. 
And the best bit ...
... I can see it all from my desk!

Bunky's to do list

Oops, this 'to do' list get in the way of my stamping stuff.
Actually it's a piece of 'ephemera' from a Heidi Swapp kit, and I guess you are meant to do this stuff. I used the ideas for a page I my triangular journal.

Birds, birds, birds... My triangular art journal

Here's a page from my triangle journal. As you can see, I like my pages neat, tidy, and ordered.
And I also like my pages messy and painty...

Bunky does it again

My triangular art journal is still going. Have I shown it off before? Not sure. I'll make a tag and add it if I have. This is a two year projeject so far. I bought a gorgeous blank triangular journal. As I went to sleep one night, I wondered what I would put into it. On waking, I heard myself thinking "birds, birds, birds". Not a very poetic thought, but, I do like birds.
The book is about half full, and every page has a bird. This one is, of course, Bunky the Art Sparrow.
You only Bunky once! Do you get it? Because, umm, he's Bunky... Oh, never mind.
It's super difficult to photograph a page from a triangular journal (when you are just using available light, as I am). Pro tip - take the photo upside down and rotate.

Smash the bunny!

Our favourite Easter game - one of those big bunnies goes into the big mixing bowl, and gets ... smashed! Then shared. It's the way of bunnies in this house.

Easter egg hunt!

Look what we found on our egg hunt! Eggs! We had to hunt all the way to the dinner table!

At 19 and 17, the Laing kids have grown out of the cute hunting for Easter eggs stage, but interestingly, haven't grown out of eating the eggs! Here they are with the traditional one large bunny each, some eggs, and a chicken for no special reason.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Laings! Here's Thomas (left) and Jonathan enjoying hot cross buns.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Butter, so much butter

I followed the recipe we got at our
cooking class in Paris. Here's croissants, and pain au raisin.

Triffid now significantly bigger

Locals comment that they are not worried at all.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A hero tangles with the triffid

Will he overcome the mighty triffid? Or will our hero be engulfed? Stay tuned.

Our hero is the dinosaur, by the way.

What happens to those who cross the triffid.

The beastly triffid overwhelms an innocent stick.

The triffid bears fruit!

My mystery plant has produced a fruit, still very small.

A triffid in my garden

A new plant has arisen in my garden - I think it's a triffid.
Or it could be a pumpkin, I suppose.