Monday, 6 April 2015

Bunky does it again

My triangular art journal is still going. Have I shown it off before? Not sure. I'll make a tag and add it if I have. This is a two year projeject so far. I bought a gorgeous blank triangular journal. As I went to sleep one night, I wondered what I would put into it. On waking, I heard myself thinking "birds, birds, birds". Not a very poetic thought, but, I do like birds.
The book is about half full, and every page has a bird. This one is, of course, Bunky the Art Sparrow.
You only Bunky once! Do you get it? Because, umm, he's Bunky... Oh, never mind.
It's super difficult to photograph a page from a triangular journal (when you are just using available light, as I am). Pro tip - take the photo upside down and rotate.

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