Sunday, 12 July 2015

Baking showdown!

Cruffin vs Scoll - who will win? That's the question on everyone's lips.

Actually, the question is really "can I have one of those?".

Jeff challenged me to try making "cruffins" - croissant dough turned into a muffin shape.

Well, croissant dough is fun to make, so I had a go. And to compare, I made some muffin style treats, and some scroll style treats. All filled with creme patisserie (that's fancy custard) and milk chocolate chip - tiny ones.

First up we have : the cruffin! Nicely shaped, well baked, and inclined to rise out of he pan where possible.

Verdict - very nice indeed. Crusty top, slightly doughy inside, they layers are visible.

Next up : the scroll! Exactly the same when uncooked, but baked on a flat tray instead of a muffin tin. Wider and flatter.
Verdict : nice crunch to the outsides. And there are a lot of outsides. Layers are more visible. More irregular looks, but I've trained my family to prefer that anyway.

Overall, scrolls win!

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