Tuesday, 8 June 2010

An Alphabet and a whole lot of Windows

Crafty friends know how keen I am on alphabets in craft - stamp sets, mostly, but since I've got a die-cutting machine, alphabet dies are pretty interesting too.

I bought a second hand die set to play with - they cut out and emboss rather small letters. Hmm, let's see now, these are quite smart. I put my name on my notebook for work (so there's that purchase ticked off as "used properly").

So, now that I've cut out my letters, I suppose all there is left to do is throw away this rubbish...

WAIT A MINUTE! Those letters got punched out, nine at a time, leaving a funky little set of wonky windows! Get that rubbish back out of the bin!

I scrambled through my "tiny" collage collection for little scraps to pop in the windows. These little windows are less than 1cm across. What a great double use die set!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Very cool window art! And a good reminder to NEVER throw anything out! NO matter how small.