Monday, 18 March 2013

Kitchenaid Birthday card for Elaine

Jeff decided his Mum needed a new mixer - a good one. She is a terrific cook, so it's quite justified. We arranged for her to get a beautiful Kitchenaid mixer (we have one, so we know it's a lovely thing). She was able to collect, and choose the colour of it, at Kitchen Warehouse, a terrific big kitchen shop that happens to be her local.

The folks at Kitchen Warehouse were all over the plan, and happily issued a voucher for the exact amount, to be kept at the counter. All we had to do was tell her to wander by.

Jeff asked me to make a card (that IS my department, after all), and this is what I made. Go have a squiz at this to see how super-accurate my card was!

With lots of colours to choose from, she picked the brand new silver model. Turned out the one she was looking at was the only one in the shop. They offered her the "display" model - it had been on display for about a day, and never plugged in - and threw in a cookbook too.

So Happy Birthday Elaine, and we look forward to good things to eat this Christmas as always!

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