Friday, 29 March 2013

My Good Friday bike adventure

As another Easter treat, when we had finished our outing to Frankston, I got Jeff to drop me with my bike at the start of the Eastlink trail. Well, probably not the actual start, but near the big bird, and about 25 km by bike from home. It was a fabulous trip! I took ages, because I had to stop and enjoy stuff so often.

There was a small car show - well, that's not really my thing, but they had attracted a service club running a sausage sizzle. Also not my thing... But on closer inspection, they were making Vegie burgers too! So I called over the fence to the cook, who made me a terrific burger.

Then there I collected some fruit from trees overhanging the trail - figs and quinces. Heaps of figs out there, but mostly not ripe yet. You lucky people with fig trees, I hope you are loving them!

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