Thursday, 30 August 2012

My day out at Paperific - an early review!

Well, Paperific (the best papercraft show in town) starts tomorrow, and I plan to go. I always like to write a little report too, to share the fun. See, here's an earlier one.

Problem is, I'm generally pretty tired in the evening. So this show, I thought I'd do the report BEFORE going. You with me? Let's go craft show shopping!

Some of the details I won't be sure of, so I'll mark alternatives in brackets like {this}.

Well, I tried a different mode of transport this time, and it turned out great! The {car, tram, train} ride was most pleasant, and I got to listen to music all the way. I {found a park easily, didn't have to park} and breezed in.

The ladies at the front counter were gorgeous as usual, and gave me a {lolly, smile, hug}.

I saw Naomi inside (she runs the show, you know) and she was wearing {a smart dress, her pajamas, bunny ears}. She looked on top of it all, and hurried off to make sure everyone had enough {lighting, change, coffee}.

I saw a new vendor, selling awesome stuff I'd never seen before. I just had to get {one, some, the whole set}!

I saw some old favourite vendors with even more of that great stuff I like. I thought about it for a bit, and bought {a punch, a die, a template} and I might even go back for more.

Saw a heap of cool stamps, and chose one with {a bird, a flower} that would look great coloured with {pencils, paints}.

Boy did I get tired! I went to the cafe for a break, and had a {coffee, really big coffee} and met {some mad scrapbookers, some stampers I knew, someone I'd swapped emails with}.

After a few hours it was time to go home, but I made sure I {took some photos, got a new book, had another look at markers} first.

What a great show! See ya next time!

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