Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Into the Pickle Jar

Lucky me, I got flowers this week. From my stamp club ladies. Read more about that here. They are gorgeous, and totally worth looking at for a long time!

Well, Cathy (the organiser of the gift) urged me to find a great vase for them. They arrived in a nice gift box, but she thought I could do better.

So, at the Trash and Treasure market this weekend, I hunted down a great jar - a pickle jar! It says on the jar it is the property of Leggo's, and only to be used for their jams, pickles and sauces, so don't dob me in, OK? It's pretty old, so we may be alright.

And here are some more looks at my awesome flowers...

Rosebud by Lizzie...

Cathy's lily no longer in danger of toppling over (she'll be relieved). Pink crepe paper flowers by Pat, and you can see Maria's map flowers, and Louise's purple Fantasy Film ones, and Margaret's hydrangeas.