Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What I do all day

I thought it might be nice to show off my desk at work - it's my NEW desk, not the older one (which was kind of in a hallway). The new one is a proper programmers desk, with all the special equipment I need.

Two screens - check. Yes, it's set up so you can drag windows from one to another.

Photo of the kids - check.

Little wooden toy made by Catriona - check.

Lego army men - check.

Pen and paper - check. I'm so retro, I actually write manual notes sometimes.

Coffee cup - check.

Tea cup - check. They may not have made it into the photo, but hey, I was there to Do Stuff, not to take photos.

Please note that the screen displays have been slightly (and badly) altered to protect my company's intellectual property.

1 comment:

Chris said...

...and here I was thinking you looked at LOLcats and updated your blog all day at work *g*
PS my word verification word is "nedness" ... that would be a little ned-like.