Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cool Op Shop Finds

Last weekend I took off on my NEW BIKE (yes, I have a bike, it's lovely, thanks), and had a ride around the neighbourhood. I managed to stop, at around morning tea time, at a small shopping center. Had a coffee, supported the little cafe, and also visited the op shops. There are two in this block.

Here's the haul, and very interesting, eclectic haul it is.

First there's a book (had to have something to read with my coffee). There's something very recursive about buying a book about looking in junk shops from a junk shop. The book dates from the early 1960s, and is actually a great read. The author recommends buying up bedroom crockery (washstands and basins) now (i.e. then) because modern plumbing in making them redundant and people are just throwing them away. But soon they'll be valuable. And what do you know, he was right!

Next we have a handful of dice - a coupla d6s, a d10 and a d12. Yea baby. If you played games that required n-sided dice, you'd be pleased. I'll just toss them into the bulk dice storage.

Then there's this bowl made by Crown Lynn in New Zealand. They make my favourite tea cups, and this is such an interesting design. What to do with it? I don't know. Photograph it, I suppose.

Last of all we have this odd item. It's made of dark coloured glass. Most strange. I've already used it! I took it to stamp club and showed Cathy. So that counts as 50c well spent. We thought it might be a test piece made by someone who was learning to slump glass. Well of course!

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