Friday, 21 August 2009

Cafe Colour Sharpies at Costco Docklands!

One of the odd things about having a blog counter is that you get to see what people were searching for when they visited you. Mostly it's pretty straightforward; they look for penguins, I give them penguins.

But oddly, one of the most popular topics has been my purchase of Cafe Colour Sharpies. In fact, there are a lot of hits searching for Pomegranate coloured Sharpies. Why? Dunno. There's probably an awesome project out there I don't know about. Let me know, won't you!

Anyway, to all the people visiting to find out where to get Cafe Colour (or Cafe Color) Sharpies, they are on sale at the new Costco at Docklands. 24 assorted Sharpies, including the six cafe colours, including Pomegranate, for $24. While you're there, you can get 1.5kg of liquorice bullets for $7. Yummm....

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