Thursday, 24 December 2009

My Altered Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree I decorated - it came in kit form. It's from a set of wooden shapes from Kaiser, which was a not-very-expensive craft idea for kids and grownups.

I let the kids loose on the penguin, snowman and reindeer, while I nabbed the tree all to myself.

I collaged pretty paper all over it, and painted it up. Then I looked in my stash and found this bead-stuff I bought in Perth years ago. Pretty!

I added a few well chosen words to add to the theme...

And this is what the kids did with theirs. The penguin is green (of course).


NikiG said...

Your tree looks fabulous Pauline! Love the green penguin too :-)

Anonymous said...

Puline, love your work [and the kids too]


Very nice collaged tree there Pauline.Hope santa was good to you and Merry Christmas