Monday, 16 August 2010

Where envelope art came from...

Well, following that diverting discovery about envelope window plastic, it's back to business. Business, in this context, meaning making STUFF out of old envelopes. I cut them out days ago (while I was annoyed at being on hold for a long time), and at last it's time to get making.

The whole envelope paper idea came from a class I did recently with Ro Bruhn (see here for photos of the actual day!). She had us making journals out of recycled pages - one of her sample pages was paper from an opened out business envelope, and she'd painted a flower on it - it looked cool! But of course, mucking around with envelope paper goes back further than that ...


See how the screen went all wiggly there? That's cos we're going BACK IN TIME! I've been through the archives, and found this. I entered a swap in 2001, where the theme was "One Stamp" - you pick one stamp, and do six extremely different things with it. It was a challenging swap. This was what I received from Danielle D'Onofrio, and it took me a few days to work out what the mystery paper was Insides of Envelopes.

I used the idea in 2002 for this : I put it in a competition (nah, didn't win...).

Along the way I showed these things to Maria, who has used envelope paper in her collages ever since, including just the last stamp club (go here to see!).

And I even found this gem in my photo collection - a book I must have made to entertain the kids. First here's the cover :

Then the first page :
"I have a shell. I live in the water. I walk sideways. What am I?"

You can see a tantalizing glimpse of the mystery animal through that envelope window....

And finally, the big reveal!

Did you guess it was a crab? Nope, me neither.

So that's the history of Why I Am Spending So Much Time Cutting Up Envelopes.

Next post is What I Did Next...

That might come later tonight, but I warn you, I have the sniffles, and am likely to collapse on my swooning couch at any moment. Especially if there's a small glass of Tokay next to it.

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