Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A morning collage!

It's nice to do an arty/crafty thing first thing in the day. And nicer still if it's a day off!
Today was Melbourne Cup day, so no work for me. I got out the Ephemera Pack I got from Michelle at stamp club the other day, and pulled out all the little bitties. I took a small blank canvas off the pile (gotta keep them in the house at all times, they are a staple).
Here's the pack I started with (shown with Michelle's example collage).

Then I got busy with paint, glue, scissors and an iPad (I watched an episode of The West Wing while I worked) and made this.

It's kind of my usual style, but with materials I might have overlooked. Made me look differently at materials. That's good, eh? Loving using map scraps!

There was a scrap of white fabric in the bag. What is that for? It's not transparent enough to use as a layer. Hmm. But Michelle must have put it in for a reason (she's an engineer in real life). So I tinkered a bit, and discovered this is the fabric that MELTS just a little bit - you can make snazzy little flowers, as long as you are careful not to let the heat get out of hand. Then I painted it (I was on a roll with the paints...). I did add a button that was not in the pack.

And guess what? There's still enough goodies for another morning's entertainment. When it comes to crafting stuff, it's important to measure it by the hours of fun you get out of it. One small envelope -> several hours = a good rate!

You can get on of Michelle's Ephemera packs from Etsy here. Well, I think that's enough shameless plugs for one night.

Oh, and we went to the Melbourne Museum for Cup Day. We paid our respects to Phar Lap, and watched the race. The horse I have in the work sweep came first!

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Michelle said...

Looks great ~ I like the layered circles.