Friday, 24 December 2010

Our Christmas Gingerbread House

On a hottish day in Perth, I got some of the kids and nieces and nephews to help me making a gingerbread house - we did one two years ago, and it was great fun.

Here's Xanthe, Jessamy and Catriona on the early stages. We just baked everything from scratch, no complicated kits for us, just print out a template and cut the gingerbread... and if it doesn't all come together, use more icing...

Here's the finished house - note that Coles own brand of lollies includes pink and white MUSHROOMS, which make pretty good gardens. Oh, and many of them have caterpillars on them - that's a nod to Absolom, from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

And here's (mostly) my team of helpers. By the time the photo was taken, Jonathan had disappeared, but Mitchell arrived to pose. That's Connor in the middle getting Bunny Ears.

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Mylene said...

What a great activity to get the kids involved in. I bet everyone is looking forward to eating it too. Merry Christmas Pauline!