Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hard Rubbish Day in Vermont South

I know, I know, when it's hard rubbish day, I'm supposed to rave about the awful junk we got rid of, and the awesome treasures we saw outside other people's houses. Well, our junk was prettymundane (even some excess cardboard boxes - now that's mundane).

But one thing has rescued the suburb from mundanity. SOMEBODY (no, not me, and not anyone I know) has dragged lots of mattresses from various hard rubbish piles, and had a giant game of dominoes!

Now that is cool! Probably naughty in a lot of ways too, but marvellous anyway.

If you are quick you can see them in Billabong Park, Vermont South. Before someone rolls up their sleeves and carts the lot away.

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