Friday, 8 April 2011

Practising for Paris

Jeff and I are off to Paris, to celebrate his 50th birthday (don't worry, the grandparents are minding the kids!).

We are looking forward to Good Things To Eat.

I had to visit the school uniform shop in Kew (it's pretty far from home, so I needed sustenance when I got there). Well, across the road from the uniform shop is Xocolatl, an artisan chocolate shop. I got there just as the barista was on a break, the cook was up to her elbows in nougat, and the owner and chocolatier was in charge. He charmed me into a chocolate with my drink (which was hot chocolate, of course). It was Mango, Gorgonzola and White Chocolate. Sigh. Yes, gorgonzola.

This photo, of course, was taken at home. This is the OTHER one I bought to take home.

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