Monday, 26 March 2012

Pippins, Pippins everywhere!

This was the scene at Petty's apple orchard last Sunday. These people grow heritage varieties of apple, so they won't be lost to the world. Once a year, people like me get to taste them, buy some, and some smart people take trees homes to plant.

My support for the event was more along the lines of making it a financial success for them (I know I can't manage to grow a tree, but I can sure eat apples!).

Here's what I brought home with me :

A kilo of Cox's Orange Pippins...

And a kilo of King of the Pippins. So I think we've established I like pippins.

We've already had an apple struedel, and there's more to come. Mostly I'm just eating them though.

Thanks to Jeff, Catriona, Jonathan and Thomas who came along on this visit, even if comparing apple varieties wasn't number 1 on their daily to-do lists!

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