Friday, 27 April 2012

I tackle a Pomelo!

I did my fruit and vegie shopping at Bushy Park the other day, and got a bit adventurous. I saw these giant yellow citrus fruits, and decided right now was the time to have a go at a pomelo! Or pumello. It gets spelled various ways.

Now first of all, it's the pomelo that brought you this classic image :

So that has to be a good thing.

Here's MY pomelo, all ready for eating.

Oh, all right, maybe we'll cut it first. I'm guessing half a pomelo will be a generous portion.

Hmm, thick rind. Looks like a grapefruit (smells like one too). And that is a BOATload of seeds! What have I got myself into? That's gonna have to come off the plate and onto the chopping board.

Several minutes of pomelo carnage later. I discovered you can't flick the seeds out individually, there are just too many. So:
- cut the half pomelo into quarters
- chop out the pointy bit of the wedge where all the seeds are
- cut off all the rind
- separate the flesh segments from the membranes (the membrane is tough, but that makes it easy to peel away)

And here we have half a pomelo, cut into edible and yummy bits.

What does it taste like? Quite delicious! A lot like grapefruit, but nowhere near as strong. I definitely didn't add sugar.

And the second half was way easier to cut up, now that I know the tricks.

I'll eat this fruit again any day.

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