Saturday, 3 November 2012

Encounter in Creepy Toy land

Another new creepy toy just joined the household, brought home from a scout hall trash and treasure. He has a certain something about him, don't you think? I think I shall call him Gerald.

While cruising the shelves of our house, Gerald ran into somebody. Somebody he was drawn to.

"Julia, is that YOU?"

"Oh Adrian, it was horrible!" (Turns out his name wasn't Gerald at all).

Turns out Julia's been here for years. We rescued her (and baby Pippa) from a church op shop in December 2008

... sadly we left her near some paint, glue, sequins and children ... and this is what happened to her.

Well, Adrian, Julia and Pippa are together again now. They have so much to talk about. We may even be able to undo Julia's makeover.

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