Saturday, 12 January 2013

How I made musk sticks!

I made some actual musk sticks! And they are good!

We have the recipe from the Frankie cookbook "Sweet Treats", which I recommend for coolness of photos as well as recipes.

We got the musk essence (at last) from The Essential Ingredient in Sydney (yes, it was a bit of a hike, we live in Melbourne).

The essence is actually made by Roberts Confectionery, who are in Dandenong. That link will take you straight to buying some musk essence! Yummo!

Only problem is, they seem a bit hydrophilic. That is, having dried them out as much as I can, they are getting moister again. I assume they are sucking water out of the air. As you do. So I'm trying gently dehydrating them in the microwave. And eating them up too, of course.

Shocking update! I looked again at the recipe, and remembered that on musk-stick-making day, I had been surprised by how much glucose syrup the recipe called for. But there it was in the recipe, only 1 teaspoon. So I think I was in a pre-Christmas blur that day, and got the balance wrong. I'll try again soon.

The microwave drying worked somewhat. I used the very lowest power, of course.

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