Friday, 22 February 2013

Lunch at Agent 284

All the women at work have banded together to form a lunch club - we eat out every two weeks, and take advantage of the fabulous Collingwood restaurants. Also a great way to actually get to know each other, and talk about something other than manholes (yes, really). Did you know, in Russia, Medicine is the most highly prized university degree, while in India, the prestige course is Maths! So Larisa, who has a Maths degree from Russia, never got to be one of the cool kids.

This week it was Agent 284. We had a gorgeous time - nice things to eat, and super cute decor. They had a brilliant cocktail menu, and if I'm ever tempted to buy a $16 drink I'll let you know how they are.

Dish of the day was Goat Cheese Fritters with pear poached in red wine, with a balsamic reduction. Kim (from the US, and on the way home already) and Kirsty ordered this.

You know what a fan of fancy salads I am - roast baby beetroot and goat cheese was rather good.

Salt, pepper and sugar - loving those little bottles!

Check out all those books! Wait a minute, that's wallpaper!

And here's the gang - Ayendri, Pauline, Manju, Kim, Kirsty, Anmol and Larisa. Yes, we got the waiter to take our photo!

Collingwood restauranteurs can expect us some time soon.

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