Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rather a lot of PSX Rubber Stamps for sale

So, what is your latest project, Mrs Laing?

I'm glad you asked.

I recently agreed to help a friend move on the last of her HUGE stamp collection. I decided that on line selling would work best for me, so that's where you will find the sale. Here is the link to my actual items. If you don't see any items when you click, that probably just means I'm preparing more.

So, how huge is HUGE? Well, here's a photo of the boxes in my garage. As you can see, there's a bunch of boxes, and each box contains, let's say, quite a few stamps. So a bunch times quite a few is ... umm... lots.

The boxes are roughly themed. The boxes I have already listed are :
- Botanical
- Garden
- Halloween

and boxes still to come include Floral, Fruit and Vegies, Trees, Roses, Frames, Bears (oh my goodness, then there's still more).

And here's one example to whet your appetite. It's a gorgeous PSX rose garden scene, code number K2521. It's a rare and beautiful stamp (I have had my own copy of this one for some years, and it's one of my treasures).

And I went looking to see if I had a photo of a card I'd made with it. Couldn't find one, but here's a similar one! How nice.

Here's the link to the blog about the sale...

And here's the link to the sale itself ...

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