Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Proper Pear

Rita, a workmate, caught me eating a pear in the kitchen at work once. That's not unusual, I like my fruit. She complained that Australian pears are strange, and not as nice as the ones she grew up with in China.

And then I found this at my local fruit shop, Bushy Park.

This is the Fragrant Pear, grown in China. I usually prefer not to buy imported fruit, but I was keen to see what a proper Chinese pear tastes like.

It is crisp, juicy, very sweet, and has a perfumed taste. The skin is perfectly edible, but a bit tougher than most local varieties. It is delicious! These ones looked vey fresh, too.

So thanks, Rita, for encouraging me to try yet another new fruit!


Rita Hu said...

ha ha ha..glad you liked it. Let's keep sharing information about good food we know. i wish to eat more yummy oz food as well :-)

Pauline Laing said...

Good idea! It's almost tome for Anzac biscuits!