Saturday, 11 January 2014

An actual use for that fancy duct tape!

Yesterday I was delighted - while shopping for back to school stuff for the kids, I bought some cool patterned duct tape. I never realised I needed that stuff!

But it was already in danger of just hanging around the house - it needed a PURPOSE!

Amazingly, a purpose arose just about immediately.

We have a few iPads in the family - two original ones, now used by the kids, and two new ones, belonging to the grow ups. We grow ups take pride in seeking out the nicest covers for our gadgets. Jeff has a cool Eiffel Tower. Mine was supposed to be bright green, but due to (my) mix up while ordering, it's plain black. Both the older ones are plain black. That means, it can be hard to know whose is whose!

Ta daaaah! This kids' one has penguins on it now. I like the result so much (and of course it can peel right off) that I'm off to do mine now!


RosA said...

Hi Pauline, Please, please tell me where you got that cool duct tape. I absolutely need some :) (I'm in Sydney.) Thanks in advance :)

Pauline Laing said...

Hi! It was in Woolworth's, discounted at the end of Christmas. So you'd better hurry! There's some other styles at big w too.

RosA said...

Thanks Pauline, I will drop in at BIG W on the way home from work! (I'm guessing it was in the stationery section?)