Friday, 22 August 2014

Paperific Bingo!

Paperific is on in Melbourne again soon - next week, in fact. What is Paperific? Just the best show for paper crafters, that's all. A great place to buy fancy paper, stamps, inks, paints, markers, and weird stuff only we know about. To say nothing of the festival of ideas!

Every time it comes around, I like to support Paperific in whatever way I can. Did you know, I worked on the door at the very first show (Melbourne Paper Crafts, the great-grandmother of Paperific)?

How exactly do I 'help' Paperific?

Well, in 2012 I posted this, an very concise review of my visit. I posted it before actually going, which saved me heaps of time.

Last May I posted this description. I HAVE used the triangular books!!!

One year I took cookies. One year my stamp club ran a stall. Several times I've worked on stalls. And I've added a Paperific tag to this very blog, so if you know how to use tags, you can see a bunch of photos in one place.

Well, this year, I think we need something new. So here it is:


Yup, just print out this super handy bingo card, or pop it on your phone, and see if YOU can get Bingo. When you are ready to yell "BINGO", here's what to do. Take the card to any Paperific staff member (who's not currently busy doing helping someone), and show it to them. You will most likely be awarded a smile, or maybe a withering look, depending on how busy it's been lately.

And if you don't know who Naomi is, she's the Boss of Paperific. You'll find photos of her on this very blog, so you'll be able to recognise her.

Hmm, must go and do some more work in my triangular book.

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