Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Canon camera vs iPhone camera - who would win?

I have a cute little Canon camera, an Ixus 510HS. It's tiny, and pretty (it's white!), and for its size, it brings a heap of features to the table, including wifi, which is super handy on holidays. I expect it's completely obsolete now, being, oh, several years old.

But I also have an iPhone 6, so that means I have the camera that comes in that too. So, I find myself wondering, does this mean I can ditch the Canon and just carry the phone?

I mean, here's a photo I took on the phone, and I adore it. The full size version is my background on my work PC.
Credit for this cool photo also has to go to Cicerello's fish and chip shop in Fremantle, Western Australia, which as well as selling delicious dinners, has an aquarium quality display of local marine life.

So, that's one excellent thing the phone camera can do. But how does it fare in that other photography situation I like so much - I see a cool bird and want to snap a photo before it flies off?

This situation arose the other day, when our garden was visited by a Gang-Gang Cockatoo, which I thought was pretty cool. I had the phone in my pocket, so I snapped this:

Well, you can see the bird. If you knew your birds, you might be able to identify it.

Fortunately, this cockatoo was very patient, and waited while I went to get the Ixus. And this was what I managed with that camera:

Which I think is rather a lot better, and still with a pocket sized camera you can afford to carry everywhere.

So next time someone says they don't know why anyone would bother with a camera when they could just use a phone, show them this cockatoo!

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