Sunday, 12 June 2016

My links won't load in Facebook on my iPad!

Here, I'll do some trouble shooting for you.

If you
- have an iPad
- use Facebook
- use the Facebook app
... then you might one day see this problem. 

The Problem:
You read a Facebook post, and the person who posted put in a link to something - a joke, a recipe, an article. You click on it. But it takes ages to load. Or it never gets there.

First thing you can do (to get around it today):
- while its trying to open, click on the three dots in the top left hand corner. That opens a little menu, including "Open in Safari". That should work.

Second thing you can do (to stop it happening):
- when you are in the normal Facebook view, click on the down-arrow next to your name. That opens a little menu including "Settings"; choose that
- one of the options is "Browser"; choose that
- there's only one option, "Clear Data". Choosing that seems to fix the problem.

All of this suggests that the Facebook app is not so well behaved. But don't miss out on reading those jokes, recipes and articles!

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