Sunday, 7 June 2009

Queen's Birthday Special Creepy Toy

I haven't posted a creepy toy for a few days ... so here's one to keep you going.

It was a very drizzly morning in Melbourne, I decided that the usual market trip was a no-go (so I stayed in bed with a cuppa and a book about vampires). Later in the morning it was clearing up, so I decided that a trip to Camberwell would be nice. After all, even if the market's washed out, you're in Camberwell, where there's bookshops and cafes.

But the market was in full swing, and I bought this dude (along with some other little plastic toys for my collection). The price was a little higher than I was ready for (the seller was thinking 'collectables' where I was thinking 'junk toys') but that's OK. I just need to get a coupla dollars worth of fun out of this elephant dude to break even. I'm nearly there already.

Public holiday tomorrow! We're going to Scienceworks to see the Star Wars exhibition - that'll be SOOOOO cool!

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Chris said...

Enjoy the queues tomorrow *g*. We're gonna wait a little while I think