Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Potato-Based confession

While on an outing to Chadstone on the weekend, my young helper Jonathan and I committed a family indiscretion. We had delicious chips, and didn't share them with the rest of the family!

We were on an urgent snack-food-based excursion on Sunday morning. After our important chores were done, we decided to go and see if the famous Lord of the Fries Chadstone store was open. It had been scheduled to open a week ago, but got delayed a bit.

We got there, and it was clean and finished, with signs and furniture all in place, but the lights were out and the chairs were stacked.

...And when we got home, that was the story we told. But what really happened was, just as we arrived, the guy turned the lights on, and started unstacking chairs. I wandered in to ask if they were cooking yet, and he said yes of course.

So, Jonathan and I shared the very first cone of chips from the second ever day of business at that store. The guy said they had been REALLY busy on Saturday, so that's gotta be good for the all-vegetarian burger and fry business!

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yum yum yum!