Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Squidamatron

Well well well, what do we have here? It is, of course, the basis of my latest article sent to a stamping magazine. Which of course has not been accepted yet, and might not be, and is still under the veil of secrecy. But I think I can divulge this much.

It started one morning when I was feeling creative. I asked Boy 1 and Boy 2 to throw me some words. "Banana", "Turtle", "Turtleade" (don't ask) were followed by "Squidamatron". I nearly didn't add it to the list, but Jonathan carefully spelled it for me.

So I drew a squidamatron. Fairly rough and ready (Catriona draws better squids than me any day), but it lead on to the next idea. Later in the day I was matching cardstock and ink pads...

...And when you eventually see the results, either published or here, I think you'll see what a logical process it all was.


Gail Kirby said...

Ooh nice colours - what's the green?

Pauline said...

I think that'd be Mellow Moss card and Old Olive ink. What I made with it ... is still secret!