Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Awesome bread again

Pretty soon I'll stop talking about how good my bread recipe is ... perhaps. Can't claim any credit whatsoever - the recipe I've been sharing around is this one : http://www.sullivanstreetbakery.com/recipes.

I wondered what the effect of cooking the bread IN a casserole dish really was. After all, my oven is a very nice one. So I did two loaves (we had guests coming, so two was required anyway). Same recipe, and one loaf was cooked in a pot, and one on the tray.

And here they are. Lefty was cooked in a large Pyrex casserole dish, preheated. Lefty also got dusted with polenta. Righty was let to rise on a tray, and then baked on the tray. Righty was dusted with flour. I think we can see two things. 1. Polenta is prettier. 2. Cooking bread in a pot is AWESOME. Great colour, cool crack down the middle, yummy crust.

By the way, you must let your bread get at least this dark - the flavour of the crust is excellent, rich and malty.

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Chris said...

I have to agree - this bread is beyond awesome