Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wooden Stamps and Free Stencils

There's been excellent pickings at the Trash and Treasure markets lately - lots of new, interesting art supplies turning up. I've scored a LOT of paintbrushes (just as well, we all use them, and we do like a selection).

But there has also been these two wooden stamps, a brass tree stencil, and a fabbo plastic stencil.

I tried it all out on a small canvas ( I know, the trees don't look right, do they? Next rev, as we say in the computer business).

Oh, and that plastic stencil with the two big flower shapes. They cost around $6 from Costco. They come with a bottle of excellent juice sticking through each of the flower shaped holes! That packaging is just too nice to throw away.


Jane said...

Well done, I love the wooden stamps!! May go to my local Trash n Treasure markets this weekend. Cheers.

Michelle said...

Great painting - love the shade of green. And what a find! Wooden stamps!

Pauline said...

The green is Green Gold, by Golden. That is to say, the Golden Paint company's colour called "Green Gold". It's gorgeous!

Stamp club this weekend!

Mylene said...

Love those wooden stamps. Good score!