Friday, 9 July 2010

Grown Up Holiday Craft

Well, not to be outdone by my annoyingly clever daughter, I've done some holiday craft too. This pencil case used to be black and white. A lick of paint, and there you go. I was using Golden paints (Golden the brand, that is) and they were lovely - a bit transparent, so whenever I went over the black, it disappeared and looked like I was doing a nice job.

Here it is close up, so you can admire the, ahem, brushstrokes.

We use this pencil case to store our 3D glasses between movies. Yes! A new thing that needs a Cosy! Crafty people be pleased!

This all leads up to today's project (if I get around to it)... the iPad cover! It's striking black and white (neoprene, not fabric, but I think it will be similar to paint). Looks nice now, but ... I just have to colour it in!

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