Friday, 3 June 2011

More macarons

Trying to iron out the bugs in my macaron baking procedure (yes, it's my day off and I'm still debugging). This is tricky!

I baked several trays at the same time. The different trays came out so differently! I'm posting the photos so Jeff can get debugging too.

Here's one from the middle tray. Practically perfect in every way (well, it was supposed to be bright orange, but that's an issue for another day).

Here's one from the bottom tray. They should have been the same, but they are cracked - not all over, just single cracks on each biscuit. Hmm.

Whoa, what's with the top tray? They're curling up? They have spread out considerably more, and the edge ones ended up browned. I'm going to say the tip of this oven is too hot.

Stay tuned for part 2. Real soon.

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