Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fashion in Paris 2011

I'm often asked "So, Pauline, since you have been to Paris, what are the fashion looks we must be ready for?".

Actually, no, people tend not to come to me for fashion advice.

But here's some anyway! I did take a few fashion photos, and I can tell you just what you will be needing this summer.

First of all, awesome printed fabrics. This cool skirt has tigers on it!

Cardigans are hot (we always knew they were cosy...)

Unmatching pieces seem to go together just fine this year...

This peacock pattern is another obvious "awesome fabric".

Orange is really big... even I bought an orange shirt.

Those awful bubble skirts are back, but only on pretty women who look great in them.

Beige is in... beige beige beige...

Men are wearing spectacularly effeminate gear, and getting away with it, but that's not so likely to take of here.

Children are in. As fashion accessories, and as excuses to redecorate your home. Saw some terribly well dressed kids, still managing to run and giggle like normal kids.

And here's another excellent fabric. This green is my favourite colour, so I do see it everywhere.

And as for shoes ... yes, they are in. I made Jeff very happy when we visited Printemps (that's David Jones) and I walked right past the wonderland of shoes, to get to the toys!

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