Friday, 15 July 2011

Nice day for a Drop Day

It's the end of the school holidays, and I've challenged the kids to a Drop Day. That's like a Drop Night, something they do at Scouts (or at least, at Venturers, the older age group).

Here's how a Drop Night works. A leader drives you to an unknown location, an
d you have to make your way back to the scout hall. Where a delicious supper is usually waiting, of course. The participants use public transport, navigation skills, any maps they can find, and their general charm to complete the task.

Drop Day is similar, but 1. It happens in the day 2. Your mum drops you off 3. She picks somewhere nice.

It was a chilly, chilly morning when
we set out, but we weren't bothered. The forecast promised 15 degrees and sunny, which is an excellent winter day.

Jonathan (red) and Thomas (black) try to puzzle out where they are. Hint:
it's Prahran Market. Other hint: they'd heard a train whistle before I'd parked the car, so the transport will be no mystery.

Things we didn't know about Drop Day - we didn't think it would include ice cream! Fritz Gelato at Prahran Market has a terrific range. Catriona smugly enjoys her pre-Drop treat.

Mum's Drop Day treat - Cointreau and chocolate macaron. Lovely coffee, but the mac - oh my, it's hollow and dry inside. Try harder, bakers.

"So can we go now?" ask the boys. Off they went. They raced home, and made it in around an hour. Catriona took way longer, travelled to the city, browsed at Melbourne Central, and had Lord of the Fries for lunch.

I stayed and enjoyed the market. I met a pastrychef who used to work at Laduree in Paris (this is why you must say hello to everyone you meet!). He told me how to fix my flaky macaron lids - put some water UNDER the baking paper. Whoa. And tap the tray to get the bubbles out, but not one big bang for the whole tray, it needs to be more personal.

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