Saturday, 20 August 2011

Barbie's swan song

I'm working on an altered doll (why? Too hard to explain, just go with it). Here's a little progress.

I started with taking the head off a Barbie doll (had to learn how to do that - here's my handy notes).

Next I sorted through my collection of creepy toys (click on the Creepy Toys tag in this blog to see some of the main offenders). I picked a darling swan, which came with me to a Michael De Meng workshop in 2008, and emerged unscathed.

Now it's 2011.

Uh-oh, this isn't going to end well...

Oh, yes, I can see where this is going now...

This doll has a special feature I wasn't expecting though. Funny looking nubbins on her back. It's going to be a bother to file them off. Luckily I took the time to find out what they were...

Turns out this particular doll can FLY! I've made her new wings already.

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